Last Updated: 9-Nov-2017
  • Morristown & Erie set back in stock! Out of print, this popular set is BACK!

    • PMD-007 - Morristown & Erie Diesels Nos. 14-19
  • At least one set back in stock! We recently received a stash of decal sets from our former printer's estate. While most of the sets are ones that we currently have an inventory of, at least one popular set is back in stock, in limited supply for now:

    • PMD-037 - EL/DL&W Green Passenger Cars
  • Online ordering issues are resolved! You may once again place order online, and now you do not need to have a PayPal account to do so! If you still encounter issues, clear out your browser cache and reload the page.

  • We have found a new decal printer and will slowly be re-releasing many sets that are currently out of production. The first two sets that were out of stock and are now available are:

    More sets will follow, keep checking back!

Coming soon:
  • EL gondolas
  • DL&W boxcars
  • Erie passenger cars
  • EL flat cars